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Help! Any english-speaking artists out there?

06. March 2007 - 15:19

Hey guys, im new to FFM. Im glad Ive discovered this spot. Id love to chat to english-speaking artists as my german isnt that hot yet.. Anyone out there? Id also gladly help with anyone needing assistance with english for presentations, etc...

Note: This post is here just for a few days. Hurry up!

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Re: Help! Any english-speaking artists out there?

sim - 12. March 2007 - 08:41

hi, i'd love to meet some english speaking artists myself, i'm german, originally from frankfurt actually, but have just moved back here a week ago after 20 years in other countries ...
where are you from ? what kind of work do you do ? etc etc

Re: Help! Any english-speaking artists out there?

17. April 2008 - 21:51

Hi, I'm an English speaking painter based in Frankfurt. Would be glad to speak to you. my homepage is;
Click on contacts and you can send me a mail if you like.
Failing that, come to my show opening next friday at Galerie Schuster in the Fahrgasse. Details also on website.

Re: Help! Any english-speaking artists out there?

14. January 2011 - 23:00

Hi, I am a notsoperfect english speaking artist from Berlin, I also just moved here in Frankfurt and would be curious to conversate with someone in the same situation.
I cannot register myself here yet(tonight the website has problems). But I have a facebook, Ketty Van Doln.
Looking forward hearing from you,


Re: Help! Any english-speaking artists out there?

15. January 2011 - 14:41

Dear Ketty,

welcome to Frankfurt. Hope you like it here.

Is this your page:

Maybe you should connect with our Facebook Site, too

No so many people will check this article.

Best regards
Stefan (Admin)

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